Virtual reality jobs die down at Meta and Google amid hiring freeze

Jobs for VR will slow down at other large tech companies amid the hiring freeze and layoffs.

Mark Zuckerberg has placed a $10 billion bet on building the metaverse dream, causing virtual reality job postings to significantly die down.

As a result of economic turmoil and job instability, some employees are no longer interested in working at the Big Tech companies such as Apple and Google.

Since the rebranding of Meta in October 2021, job postings mentioning virtual reality (VR) have been on the rise.

“However, the crypto crash and tech slowdown likely destroyed the hiring demand more recently.” Meta leds in the VR market demand in late 2021, but fell behind to other companies as they rushed to fill the void.

A collaboration between Revelio Labs and Bloomberg shows that the hiring trend in the metaverse world is trending upwards.

According to Accenture, there were more job postings for VR related jobs in the last two months than there were for Meta.

It was shown that the skills for VR positions within Accenture were more focused on design-based skills, while in Meta the skills were a greater emphasis on research and product development.

Accenture’s ambitions seem to be modest. They are not looking to conduct ground breaking research, but they may be leveraging existing tools to create or design something for their clients in the metaverse.

The demand for VR talent increased after hype about the field, but so did demand for people with experience in other fields.

(This report is primarily composed of content that has been auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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