Virtru, a Google-recommended data protection service that is super secure, will be sponsoring and presenting at Google Cloud Next ’22.

Google and Virtru have officially launched a new product together: Virtru Zero Trust data encryption. This partnership has given over 5,500 Google Workplace users access to this cutting-edge security solution.

Virtru, a global leader in data security and Google’s recommended data-centric security solution, will present at Google Cloud Next ‘22. Along with the presentations by industry leaders, Virtru will be present to offer insight into their data-centric security.

Virtru’s on-demand insight session is now available, and features insights from Virtru SVP of Strategy and Field CPO Rob McDonald and Omada Health CISO William Dougherty about what IT leaders can do to create collaboration workflows with sensitive data that are compliant within healthcare organizations.

Virtru and Google have partnered over the past eight years to provide 5,500 Google Workspace customers with the Zero Trust data security solutions they need. Omada Health, State of Maryland, Zwift, the French Red Cross and Verizon are among those using this solution.

John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru, said Google Workspace is one of the most powerful tools for collaboration. However, to be effective users need to have confidence that their data is secure. This can be achieved through end-to-end encryption and access controls that meet security standards.

Omada Health, a longtime customer of Virtru and Google Cloud, will present alongside Virtru at Google Cloud Next ’22.

“Omada Health takes tremendous care in protecting the privacy of our members’ data,” said Dougherty. “We needed a solution that provided rigorous data protection but was also easy to use to ensure adoption. Virtru’s end-to-end encryption technology, and its seamless integration into Google Workspace, made it the obvious choice.”

Our team is thrilled to have worked closely with the State of Maryland and its more than 4,500 employees for the past three years. During that time, we collaborated closely with SADA, Google and Virtru to find a secure email solution that could be used by both office and mobile workers. As a result of our hard work, the State benefits from cost-effective collaboration without compromising security or performance.
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To learn how Virtru can help leverage Google Cloud’s end-to-end encryption technology and key management solution, visit these additional resources or contact us by filling out the form below:

Virtru encrypts the data you store in Gmail, including attachments and images, when you use Google Apps.

Virtru for Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption ensures that your files are secure and anonymous.

If a hacker gains access to your server, they can steal your encryption keys at any time. If you’re running on Google Cloud, our solution is the best one possible for you. This makes it impossible for unauthorized users to access your data.

Our goal at Virtru is to empower organizations to protect their data, without compromising digital transformation. More than 7,000 global customers trust Virtru to power their Zero Trust strategies and safeguard their most sensitive business data in accordance with the world’s strictest security standards. We created TDF (Trusted Data Format), the open industry standard for persistent data protection that we licenses worldwide. Our encryption technology stands up to standard email protocols, collaboration tools, cloud environments, and SaaS applications. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @virtruprivacy.

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