TTBS, a Tata Tele service provider, is partnering with Google to offer Google Workspace to businesses.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) today announced their partnership with Google to offer G Suite Spaces and support for Smart Businesses on the Tata Towers in Dubai.

Tata Tele Business Services has partnered with Google Cloud to offer Google Workspace for Small and Medium Businesses. This will allow businesses to have one unified experience that includes communication and collaboration for their hybrid workforce as they continue to scale and modernize their cloud infrastructure.

TTBS can help businesses by providing businesses with a Google Workspace solution that helps them drive greater efficiency and market growth. With TTBS, businesses will have everything they need to adjust to the constantly changing needs of the market.

With immersive collaboration and deeply integrated product experience at its core, Google Workspace will make collaboration easy for you. It brings your Gmail, Google Chat, Google Docs and Sheets, Drive, Calendar, and more together — all powered by trusted Google Cloud security. It also easily integrates with several other software applications.

Sharing his views on the new partnership, Vishal Rally, Sr. VP & Head- Product, Marketing and Commercial at Tata Teleservices said, “A testament to the shared vision of Tata Tele Business Services and Google Cloud is this. The ability for small to medium businesses in India to use powerful tools like collaboration will enable them to stay connected and productive while delivering better customer experiences. This is a significant step in making sure that entrepeneurs can move faster with their digital adoption journeys by having access to cool services.”

Google Workspace is designed in the cloud to facilitate collaboration and productivity. This software coordinates with many different online and paper applications, some of which are: Google Maps, Containers, Drive, and Docs.

With Google Workspace, you’ll have everything you need to plan, design and make your product a success. From tools like:

Gmail is Google’s integral office suite, which can be accessed from multiple devices and even has browser extensions. You’ll also find it to be easy to use and collaborative with others.

Docs is a newly-launched collaborative cloud-based document sharing solution that securely stores, edits and shares documents in real-time or asynchronously.

Sometimes presentations can seem overwhelming, or you’d like to show data from other Google Cloud apps as well. That’s why we created MSPresenter – a service that lets you create and edit presentations and incorporate data from other apps on the Google Cloud.

Sheets is the easiest way to collaborate with anyone, and step up your in-office efficiency. With Sheets, you have access to your sheets anywhere and anytime. Because of this and our focus on security and simplicity, businesses big and small have been enjoying fast-paced efficiency for years.

Schedule meetings, invite others right from the Calendar view, set meeting locations and availabilities, or add a video conferencing link to any meeting.

Built from a catalog of over one billion files, Drive is an easy-to-use and secure place to store, share, and access your work.

Building a successful business is hard, especially when you rely on data. Forms was created to help gather information that can be used to help formulate questions and make decisions.

Chat and Spaces: Through chat and spaces, you’ll be able to easily talk to your customers and share content with them.

Meet: Secure video meetings for teams and businesses

We make it easy for companies, teams, and events to create engaging, high-quality sites. Collaborate with your team using a common tool in order to build their website from start to finish.

When you’re looking to create a solution that integrates, automates, and extends Google Workspace, Apps Script is the answer. You can write your solution in just a handful of lines of code.

Cloud Search makes it easy to search and share across your company’s content.

Appoint: Create to do lists, notes, and reminders that can be shared among your teammates.

Jamboard: Sketch your ideas whiteboard-style while benefiting from the access and connection of an interactive canvas on mobile or right from your web browser

TTBS has been working hard to provide customer with innovative and reliable solutions. It’s also been strengthening its portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions such as Smartflo, which is an advanced cloud communication suite, SmartOffice, which is a one-box start-up kit with voice, data, apps, storage and more; Ultra-Lola, which is a collaboration solution; SD-WAN iFlx from Fortinet that helps optimize networks using intelligent flexible technologies ,-th as well as cybersecurity. All these solutions address the needs arising out of a distributed and remote working environment by making it easy for businesses to maintain business continuity in a flexible and scalable way.

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