There are growing concerns that Apple, Google and other tech companies have too much control over the web.

The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority launched an investigation Tuesday into Apple and Google

Google‘s control of the mobile browser market means that it is a profitable place for websites, advertisers and users. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective.

As part of the 2019 Investigatory Powers Act, the government agency is launching a five-year project that explores how Apple and Google exert their “stranglehold” over browsing, as well as how Apple exerted its control over cloud gaming by securing exclusive deals in the App Store.

The European Commission recently held a consultation regarding the standardization of encryption. Some of the consultees claimed that the status quo inhibits innovation and imposes unnecessary costs on their business.

Developers have complained that Apple’s restrictions make it difficult to build innovative apps for U.K. consumers, and that they are forced to contend with glitches and crashes while building webpages.

The chief executive of the Canadian Medical Association just released information that they are planning to enforce their powers to help tackle problems where they can.

“Many U.K. businesses and web developers tell us they feel that they are being held back by restrictions set by Apple and Google,” she said. “We plan to investigate whether the concerns we have heard are justified and, if so, identify steps to improve competition and innovation in these sectors.”

Google emphasizes creating a thriving and open platform that empowers consumers and encourages developers to build successful businesses. The search engine wants to foster an ecosystem that allows for success for everyone involved, according to CNBC’s spokesperson.

There has never been a mobile platform that gives people more freedom or choice than the Android-powered smartphone. Android also allows developers to choose the browser engine they want, and brought app stores to millions of users for the first time.

The iPhone X went on sale on November 3rd of last year, and due to the discontinuation of the 8 and 8 Plus models, Apple had a full-fledged new model for every carrier.

Apple continues to assert that they were in good standing with Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) when they developed their app store. This was demonstrated at a recent press conference, during which Apple responded to a number of concerns of the CMA.

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