The recent update to Google’s algorithm has helped return missing reviews.

Google acknowledged that a bug caused reviews to go missing from Google Business Profiles. However, the company is going to restore them, so everything should be back to normal soon!

The Search Liaison from Google, Danny Sullivan, responded to Mike Blumenthal who said he reported the bug a week ago.

Eating out at a restaurant can be extremely expensive, and losing reviews can have an extreme impact on revenue. -Seth Blumenthal

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who’ve lost most or all of your reviews on GPP, there are numerous threads in the Google Business Profile help forum started by business owners who have also had similar experiences.

Because of the suggestions that Google provided, all the business owners lost reviews, posting the same thing on a thread.

Blumenthal writes about how Google is changing the customer identification number for suggested edits.

Customer reviews are associated with a particular CID number, which means changing the CID removes the reviews.

Remember that Google is constantly updating their algorithm to help deliver quality results. If you’ve entered a very long sentence, it’s going to be cut up and rearranged a bit during the editing process. That shouldn’t happen when using the suggested edits

Google seems to be aware of the issue and is working with Google Business Manager. The fix will likely be straightforward, and it should revert back to the original CID number, without any problems.

Google has published a new update that sheds more light on their upcoming algorithm updates. Please keep checking this post for more information as they become available.

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