The Google Duo blue icon is gone in Android!

First, Google announced in June 2018 that it would merge Google Duo with Google Meet. They did this to combine their respective strengths and to make video chats easier for users. This was hailed as a major accomplishment by many critics across the board. Next, Google’s first evidence of the removal came in July 2018 when a card showing Duo being “even better” popped up within the Google Duo app.

First, a step was taken to make the Android App Drawer more amusing. Alongside the Meet icon was the Duo icon- giving users two choices for the same app. The Duo icon returned to allow users access if they knew the word “Duo” and were looking for that specific app- it is used more than Meet.

Up until this point, the Google Duo icon was leaving. The app version 177.0.482666072 is rolling out and removing the blue Duo icon. This means that users now have to search for “Meet” in order to make video calls–whereas with “Duo,” it was highly likely that it would show up on the first page given how it starts with letter “D.”

Though this latest update has not been rolled out to all, Google Confirmed that it started rolling out on Friday. Also, the website now displays Google Meet branding throughout the website which hints that Duo has now been replaced with Meet for good.

It’s been a few months since Duo has been on the Google App Store, and now it’s time for the app to bid farewell with the introduction of a new update. Version 177.0.482666072 of Google Meet is what you’ll be seeing now, which removes the blue Duo icon from your search results. This means that users have to be more specific about their quests now, with “Meet” instead of just “Duo.” Since Duo was originally on the first page because it starts with ‘D,’ this change makes sense.

Google’s latest update, which started rolling out this Friday and the Google Duo branding is integrated with the new Meet feature. It seems it’s here to stay.

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