Starting to scroll means that you can’t see results in the first few lines.

As of now, Google has brought a continuous scrolling feature to their desktop search results in the United States.

To make desktop searches more like mobile, Google is updating the layout so users can endlessly scroll through multiple pages of search results.

Scrolling will start to appear on desktop search results in the United States.

A Google representative explained how the SERPs will display up to six pages of URLs before prompting the user, “click here for more results”:

Google just made a rule change that will help you generate more traffic for your website. Now, regular web pages will show up on the first page of search results again.

Once you’ve scrolled to the bottom of a page, the next results will automatically load, giving you more results available. This means you’ll have more chances of finding what you were looking for before you hit a roadblock and end up back at the results page.

Google reports that there is no difference in Search Console when they updated the mobile search engine to continuous scrolling.

Google says that this is because the number of pages on a website can vary, while the SERP position remains constant.

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