OpenText announced their integration with Google Workspace and unveiled updates to support a modern work environment.

On Wednesday, OpenText’s Chief Product Officer announced a series of innovations to support Project Titanium’s roadmap and detailed a plan for integrating OpenText Core Content with Google Workspace.

OpenText’s Majzoub has a four-point mantra for relevancy to OpenText World 2022: “Intelligent, connected, responsible,” which he says are the driving forces of all OpenText’s current and future capabilities. These points play an essential role in undergirding the future of work, cyber resilience, developer’s creativity and more.

South Carolina-based OpenText, the global enterprise information management service provider, has actively pursued a strategy of melding software with its offerings that takes into account the realities of today’s digital evolution as employees and business-owners move away from a traditional office environment to one that demands increased productivity. “Titanium and our developer cloud will give you the ability to integrate these clouds effortlessly and seamlessly, but also to leverage the intelligence at the core by bringing data that matters to you.”

The commitment to innovating the hybrid work experience is echoed in the upcoming integration between OpenText Core Content and Google Workspace. Speaking to Seth Siciliano, head of Google Workspace, the integration will help customers access information management solutions securely through the cloud while using a suite of collaborative tools on Google Workspace and keeping a single system of record.

“Most of our customers, whether they’re Google customers, OpenText customers, or other companies, are looking for access to their information and the ability to derive insights. They don’t want to search across different data repositories—they want it all in one place,” says Siciliano.

OpenText is going to reveal more details on its latest integration with Google Cloud at this week’s Google Cloud Next conference.

Majzoub announced that OpenText’s business network for ESG is coming soon. This new service will be built off of the self-service capability and will allow businesses to integrate their partners and suppliers into their network. It also gives businesses visibility over supply chain activities, so they can make sure those partners are complying with ESG guidelines.

Security was another key topic at OpenText, as Majzoub announced “many, many other capabilities” aimed at protecting organizations from a growing number of cyberattacks. He said, “We have adapted to new ways of security attacks, and have added more intelligence and connectivity into our web protection solutions. And we have also created the ability to investigate cybersecurity incidents. And to get the business back up very quickly.”

“We have a solid roadmap coming up in the content cloud coming in the next two quarters,” he concluded. Besides integrating with Google Cloud, he announced upcoming FedRAMP capabilities, and many other integrations with products.

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