Learn how to sync between an iPhone and Google Workspace

Learn how to sync Pocket between an iPhone and Google Workspace

Apple and Google are at the top of their game. In a poll asking which brand smart phone user would pick, most people answered “Gmail” which derives from various Apple products.

Google devices have features that are all leaders in their respective markets.

You’re using at least one of the following, correct?

Corporate IT teams found that most consumer technologies were ill-suited for the workplace, so they enforced their own products such as outdated devices and software.

Now, there is one easy to use solution for productivity – Macs.

Today, people are integrating Apple products into their companies faster than ever. One of the main reason for this is because Google Workspace has also been pushing for Apple devices to integrate.

The champion of personal devices is working well with the absolute leader in business productivity tools.

It is best to pick a few (or even one) tools to connect with both.

There are several areas of integration between iOS and Android, where a third-party provides unique features and automation that IT leaders never imagined possible.

To walk you through what’s possible, let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario

Employees prefer Mac computers at the company. Google Workspace is the default system for accessing other cloud solutions, and it uses Gmail as the Single Sign-On method.

In order to hire a new employee at Gmail, the company allows them to purchase their own device. New Macs are usually shipped to employees in states that they do not live in.

The employee receives Google credentials and a parcel is delivered to the carrier, who delivers it in the morning.

Excited with the experience of unboxing a new Apple device, the employee quickly opens the box, takes out the Mac and begins to use it.

The menu has many features, with the first one being an unforgettable sound of turning on a new Midnight MacBook Air. There is a prompt for employees to connect to Wi-Fi.

When connecting to Wi-Fi, the employee expected that this would be the first of many configurations. She was thinking about “What should her local account name be? Should it only have her first name? Should she talk to IT?”

The Mac is now connected and setup by the company as the employee clicks “ok”.

Jenny isn’t surprised when she gets a Google authentication page for her corporate Gmail platform. A Google solution is part of a new Mac setup workflow?

You’re never too far from your previous documents on Google Workspace

Don’t worry! There are still many steps to go in the account creation process.

After loading the software and logging onto her computer, it automatically assumed her name and Gmail domain like a usual user.

All the other configurations were skipped, and she was able to set up the Mac in three minutes.

Her next step is to find out what apps the company uses. As a new employee in the marketing department, she starts to guess if she should install programs such as Adobe Creative Suite for tasks like designing flyers or Zoom for calls. But first things first, I need to install Google Chrome, right?

A Mac application needed to be configured but before she could open Safari, an application came up and said not to worry and so the configuration is being handled for her. Wow, this seems like magic!

The phone or laptop will tell you if your battery is low and need a charge

After connecting to the device, she immediately saw a list of apps which were being auto-installed, including Google Chrome, Photoshop and Zoom. A progress bar showed her the progress with each app and their status.

The app updates itself and gives the user great news! They can use their Mac once more.

The screen asks if it is ok to reboot the Mac so FileVault configuration can be completed. All her data will be encrypted with FileVault.

After realising she had forgotten her Mac password, the user panics. However, she soon sees that the Mac has automatically logged back in after re-entering her work email and password on the Google authentication page. It turns out the work Gmail account is also set as the credentials for the Mac.

This person’s Mac has all the apps they need, and their desktop is arranged with their favorite apps. A custom image from the company’s website has been applied to their desktop background.

Google Drive is installed on the Mac, so all of her files can be synced and accessed locally through Finder.

She also needs grammar checking extensions, like Grammarly.

Alexa was deciding to install Grammarly, but noticed that Chrome already had it installed.

This tool will sync all of your information, including emails and passwords. Setting up your account is easy and the process is user-friendly.

Thousands of companies worldwide are experiencing the perfect combination of Apple devices as well as Google Workspace on a daily basis.

Do you want to get Google Apps? This article will show you why!

How to register your Apple devices under an Apple Business Manager account

Your Google Workspace and mobile device considerations

the incredible link between Apple devices and Google Workspace

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Adopting an Apple Unified Platform will generate savings of more than 70% for enterprise level Macs. The cost benefits are significant if enterprises need any of the other levels required for an IT software stack for Macs.

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