Inserting emojis on Google Docs is now made easy

Emoji and their reactions are a common way to get across your mood or opinion. Google Docs recently considered the idea of adding emojis to their document editor, which would allow users to react with emotion.

You used to be able to add emoji responses next to your comments just like you could with text or on social networking sites.

The company has created a new shortcut that enables typing in emojis while writing text.

How to use Google Docs as a visual representation of emotions

Google has introduced a new innovation that will now allow users to insert emojis while writing in Docs.

It is easy to find emoji icons just by using copy and paste – previously, that could be a time-consuming task.

Adding emojis to your documents is easier than ever with Google. They’ve just added reactions which can be added to any document–no copy and pasting required. Google says that their system “supports the latest emojis”.

Upgraded versions of Google Workspace have finally been released, which means that standard Google users will now be able to take advantage of this feature.

With Google Docs, you can edit your text fairly easily without having to worry about inputting any special commands. Google has more info on that here.

Are you confused about how to insert a picture of an emoji into a Google Doc?

Type this code ‘@emoji’ to call up a searchable emoji. Go to your keyboard and press “@” to bring up a searchable emoji please like on your smartphone.

Today, some users have the new feature and will see it by the end of September.

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