How to compose an email from Google Docs

Every so often Google unveils a new feature that’s so cool and helpful that I can’t help but get excited. Such was the case when it became possible to compose an email directly from within a Google Docs document.

Let me set the stage:

You’ve been tasked to compose emails that are to be sent out to clients, customers, or various stakeholders. Normally, you might craft that email and then copy/paste it such that other team members might read it and give you suggestions on any possible changes. Once you receive the feedback, you work it in and then copy/paste the finished email into the Gmail compose window and send it off.

Now, there’s a much better way because the Google team has made it possible to create drafts for Gmail directly in Google Docs. You could then share that document with your team, get feedback, and then send the email from within Docs.

You could even create a document and compose multiple emails that are to be sent to various recipients, share the document with your team, and have others help you compose the missives.

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