How a small screen size will work in Google’s Pixel Phone

Regarding a new Google small flagship phone, there were numerous rumour circulating. According to the speculations, Google hasn’t released a budget-friendly flagship smartphone in a long time, therefore the corporation may be working on a new one. The Pixel 5 from 2020 is the most recent device in this category. A Chinese leakster has claimed that Google is working on a flagship Pixel Phone with a modest screen size.

According to a recent Weibo tip, Google is working on a “small-screen flagship” codenamed Neila. Despite this, the leaker’s machine-translated article also stated that the future Google Pixel Phone will have a design identical to previous Pixels.

The existence of such a device had not yet been officially announced. However, if our assumptions are correct, the hypothetical Pixel Mini will have to make some sacrifices in order to be smaller than the existing Pixel 6. One of the most noticeable reductions will be in battery size, so expect a smaller battery than the Pixel 6’s 4,500mAh capacity. Wireless charging and cameras are two other potential cost-cutting measures. I believe that the tiny size will undoubtedly compromise the size and number of sensors.

Consumers may not be interested in going any smaller than the 6-inch screen, as shown by recent claims that Apple discontinued the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini line due to weak sales. So, if Google is truly developing such a phone, let’s hope that it doesn’t go too small. We are limited to watching and waiting. See what happens after that. A few Pixel leaks have already surfaced in recent months, but none of them indicate a diminutive flagship device.

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