Government issues warning for Google Chrome users: Details

Government issues warning for Google Chrome users

The Indian Computer Emergency Response team issued a warning for Google Chrome users. It found that the browser is vulnerable to remote exploits and can be bypassed.

Not all Google Chrome users are vulnerable to the vulnerability. Users who have yet to update to Google Chrome 104.0.5112.101 are most at risk of being exploited by this vulnerability, but those running older versions of the browser should still update their laptop’s browser version.

What does the update say?

CERT-In has issued a warning about Google Chrome, stating that it might have vulnerabilities that can be used to run code remotely.

Google’s recent vulnerabilities have been noted as “due to use after free in FedCM, SwiftShader, ANGLE, Blink, Sign-in Flow, Chrome OS Shell,” and “Heap buffer overflow in downloads, insufficient validation of untrusted input in intents.”

The CVE-2022-2856 vulnerability has been exploited in the wild, and users are advised to apply patches carefully.

CERT-In issued a warning to Apple users about a vulnerability, urging them not to open a specially-crafted file. The vulnerability could be exploited by malicious cyberattacks to access a victim’s device through iOS and iPadOS version prior to 15.6.1, and macOS Monterey version prior to 12.5.1.

A serious security vulnerability has been found and exploited by Apple that could cause complete control of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Apple is aware of the issue and asks for update software to be downloaded so that this does not occur again.


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