Google’s new phone may finally be coming early in 2023.

The Google Pixel Fold is expected to be released globally by 2023. According to a recent leak, by the first quarter of 2023 we might see this long-rumored foldable phone from California’s tech titan. It’s interesting that no official announcement has been made about this extremely popular rumor.

A developer reportedly discovered reference of the “Felix” foldable smartphone in Google’s Android Q 13 Platform Release 1 beta.

A recent response on Twitter by Ian Young, an analyst with Market research firm IHS Markit, states that he has been informed that panel shipments are still being made and that the most recent information he has on the Pixel Fold is from April. This contradicts his own prediction in April, when he stated that the US was likely to see a release of the fold sometime in Spring 2023.

A recent report suggests that the new Pixel might be released this year. Famous tipper Evan Blass had hinted that the new Fold, code-named Passport, will come earlier this year back in August. It’s unclear whether Google will release its new Pixel model, rumored to be called the Pixel Fold or not.

To date, Google has not disclosed features or specifications of the Google Pixel Fold. However, it’s been reported that the folding screen is made of thin UTG (ultra thin glass) by Samsung. The prototype has been rumored to be in development by Google for previous few years.

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