Google’s new chat is finally getting less annoying

Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to automatically schedule Do Not Disturb. This nifty feature is perfect for when you’re on a tight deadline and need focused concentration.

They can custom-tailor their ‘Do Not Disturb’ periods to work for their own schedule. Or, they can go a step further and customize their settings based on the time of day.

Google Chat provides a unique experience that lets you control who can reach you through text and video message applications.

With the release of this new update, Google Chat users can now schedule when they are active with do-not-disturb functionality. You will be able to choose an on and off schedule and customize the behaviors.

There is news that the rollout has already begun, although some users may be waiting a little while before they can set up custom ‘Do Not Disturb’ schedules.

Since the beginning, all subscription types will have access to the update. You’ll be able to track your updates in our new Customer Panel. Additionally, legacy G Suite accounts and personal users will also get access.

Furthermore, not everyone has a web connection. For those who are offline and aren’t able to use the new feature, Google provides an app for Android devices and iPhones.

Google is continually striving to improve their products in order to retain the attention of all market segments. More recently, they’ve taken a Slack-style approach to threads with the introduction of real-time commenting.

With the launch of a new marketing platform, Google’s goal is to continue refining its tools for users. Check out this list of new tools and see where you can fit into your marketing strategy.

As more people work from home and hybrid offices, Google’s in need of productivity tools to keep people motivated. That’s why Gmail has already started incorporating Google Calendar and Google Docs into the new interface.

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