Google will soon start operations in Pakistan

After a major development, tech giant Google will begin operations in Pakistan by next month. According to PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah, this was revealed.

It’s great to see Google taking a stand on the educational needs of Pakistani citizens. 15,000 scholarships for Pakistani citizens are not only a huge deal, but show that they want to help make a difference in their country. They will be visiting Pakistan on December 11 and providing an education platform that would otherwise not have been possible.

With new Earthquake alerts provided by Google, citizens of Pakistan can learn how to prepare for a natural disaster.

The Senator has committed to expanding Google services in Pakistan for the benefit of the youth. In turn, this will lead to increased job opportunities for the Pakistani youth.

Google wants to help all Pakistani learners develop their digital skills so that they can be a part of the country’s burgeoning digital economy. To start, in September, the company launched the Career Certificates program, which offers flexible learning paths across various skill levels.

It was announced a few months ago that Google launched a suicide hotline in collaboration with Umang Pakistan, one of the largest mental health services for the country. The goal is to stop suicidal cases and tackle issues like psychiatric disorders. On top of the search result page, people can reach out for help anonymously to avoid any stigma associated with this topic.

Umang Pakistan Founder is thankful for the fruitful partnership with Google, which puts such an important societal need on the map.

Beginning in March, Google representatives have been visiting Pakistan to explore the opportunities available there. They’ve also met with Tech Valley and the STZA – both of which are government institutions that address and promote technological development.

The visitors from Japan were briefed on the STZA development plans including Special Technology Zones and the special incentives, ranging from 10-year tax and duty holidays to help local and foreign tech companies develop.

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