Google Updates ‘Consent Mode’ to Meet the Needs of Users and Site Owners

Google has just added new elements to its ‘consent mode’ to ensure that websites and mobile apps align with user data permissions.

Google’s updating its UI to make it easier to collect visitor data, with more updates on its Consent Mode in Google Ads.

Google’s Consent Mode is a management console for cookie tracking that aligns with user agreements and privacy.

New management tools will provide more capacity to adjust your Consent Mode settings, ensuring you’re operating in line with each user.

Should You Update Your Site to Google’s New Compliance Rules?

In the future, you will be able to track your tagging and consent notification rates and view domain-level insights. You will also have access to Google Tag Assistant’s debugging tools in order to fix issues with your tagging

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Google Updates ‘Consent Mode’ to Meet the Needs of Users and Site Owners 3

Google is adding new features to help marketers confidently set up Consent Mode, while also simplifying the Consent Mode display. The status column indicates whether or not Consent Mode is properly implemented. In addition, google offers diagnostic services right on your screen.

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Google Updates ‘Consent Mode’ to Meet the Needs of Users and Site Owners 4

That’ll make it much easier to see what data you’re capturing, and how your site visitors are responding. You won’t have to worry about these issues being in violation of any user permissions, and you can be certain that every information that is collected applies to these parameters.

Google is launching a new program that will allow third-party cookie tracking platforms to connect with Google Tag Manager.

The type of data you collect and the way you manage it has become an important part of your website, so you need tools to best operate in line with these new evolving privacy laws.

Consent Mode provides a valuable way to better understand your users and may be worth looking further into.

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