Google TV’s parent-controlled watchlists, and AI-powered suggestions for kids.

Google TV is quickly becoming the top choice for parents because it’s providing insightful recommendations, allowing them to take control of what their children are watching.

Google is trying to tailor their TV operating system to the needs of families with kids. They’re focusing on efforts such as parental control, AI-powered suggestions and watchlists.

Parents can now push the titles that should be explored by their children to their “must watch” lists with a simple tap on the button, thanks to YouTube Kids. This will help parents discover content their kids will like, YouTube Kids said in a blog post

Google loves the show, so kids now have a few options when it comes to finding media recommendations. They can pick from a list of popular shows and games including apps that parents have installed, or set a rating level for what they want to see. If an app or show is not agreed on by the child, they can just press and hold select and then tap “hide” to remove it from the list.

With the release of the Google Play Services 6.6 update, new areas of content moderation have been introduced to keep the company’s services appropriate for kids while they’re online. The new additions are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make its various services more appropriate for children.

Parents can also create restrictions on content exploration. It allows you to define three levels of access: “Explore” for content suitable for viewers 9 and above, “Explore more” for viewers 13 and above, and “Most of YouTube” to enable access to all videos sans the age-restricted content.

With the recent launch of YouTube Kids, Google is also bringing this supervised experience to Google TV. Children’s accounts will be able to access the main YouTube app and play content within COPPA compliance — a U.S. privacy law that defines limitations on online services provided by children.

Last year, Google TV introduced kid versions of the profiles so parents could set restrictions on app access and screen time.

Google announced that these features are rolling out starting today on all Google Chromecast devices and other devices like the Hisense 43Pfl5100 and Philips 47PFL6005.

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