Google streamlines the ad creation process with new features

A new process for Google ads with fewer steps means less time sinking into the process of promoting your business.

Google is working to make advertising simpler by streamlining the process of creating ads with multiple extensions.

20% more people will click on advertisements if there are four links for the advertiser to choose from. Google has conducted an internal data analysis of this statistic and found that it is valid.

With the latest updates, Google has streamlined the process of advertising on its platform. You can now manage ads and ad extensions in one place.

Google streamlines ad creation process for those with limited time

All the snippets of text appearing throughout this article will be referred to as “assets” rather than “ad extensions.” There is a change and Google sees them now as tools to help with mobile advertising.

The sitelink extensions are now treated as assets and the price extensions are also seen as an asset.

There will not be a change for how the assets function; the difference is in just the name of the asset.

For example, Copymatic can now create copy at the level of humans in regards to quality.

New Workflows For Search & Performance Max Campaigns

When creating search and performance max campaigns, you’ll encounter a further step before the final review called Ads & assets.

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Google streamlines the ad creation process with new features 4

During this step, you can add various assets such as images, sitelinks, prices, lead forms, and anything else that applies to your campaign goals.

If you’re unsure which assets are worth utilizing, Google will now provide recommendations based on what you want to achieve.

As you add the assets, a preview tool will show you how they’ll look in search results.

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Google streamlines the ad creation process with new features 5

Assets created for the first time during this new workflow will be available when working on other campaigns and ad groups.

Existing ad extensions will automatically transition to assets while maintaining their

New Reporting For Google Ads Assets

You can monitor the performance of assets in the new “Ads & assets” menu.

Clicking on Assets will take you to a page where you can toggle between Asset and Association in a drop-down menu.

image 5
Google streamlines the ad creation process with new features 6

The “Asset” table view reports on headlines and descriptions, while the “Association” table view reports on assets like images and prices.

You can see how assets perform at the account, campaign, and ad group levels and filter results by asset type.

Lastly, a combinations report will allow you to see the top-performing combinations of assets.


Updated Google Ads workflows and reporting, except the combinations report, will be available in the coming weeks.

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