Google shuts down Translate service in China, citing recent measures by the government

Google shuts down Translate service in China, citing recent measures by the government

Since China put heavy restrictions on the internet in 2010, Google has been trying to find a way forward into the Chinese market. The pulling of its search engine is just one example of Google’s difficulty in capturing this space.

Google shut down Google Translate in mainland China because usage was too low.

Samsung announced it was moving its production from China to the U.S., an action that signifies the closure of one of the company’s last remaining products in China.

Mainland China has restricted access to Google Translate. Escape the country to open up new options and opportunities.

Google is discontinuing Google Translate in mainland China due to low usage.

Google has had a difficult relationship with the Chinese market. They pulled their search engine in 2010 because they were shut down by government censorship. Their other services are also blocked.

Chinese internet users tend to prefer search engines and social media platforms run by their own country because those are optimized to show only Chinese related information.

Google’s phones are not very popular in China, with only some hardware being made there. Other than smartphones, Google has also stopped making its products in China, and has instead started manufacturing them elsewhere.

Google’s looking to get Chinese developers to make apps for its Android operating system globally, which will be available via the Google Play Store. As of now, this is blocked in China.

2018, Google explored to have its search engine back in China. This project was eventually scrapped after a public outcry from employees and politicians.

American businesses have been worried about the continued tensions between China and the U.S. in the technology sphere. The U.S. has been concerned that companies in China could get access to sensitive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and semiconductors.

In August, Nvidia said that the Washington government will curtail its sales to China.

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