Google search results to show nearby places airing World Cup matches

Google is planning a range of features ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 kickoff on November 20 in order to provide fans with information from Search, Maps, and Google TV.

If you’re interested in getting notifications about your favorite or national team, all you have to do is enter their name in the search bar. When you do, a bell icon will appear on the far right of the screen that you can tap to get notifications about your favorite team, no matter what country it’s from.

You may already be familiar with Google’s decision to include notifications in Google Search. Just like our search and communications apps, Notifications are designed to bring the latest information right to your fingertips. This includes stats, win probabilities, and timeline information.

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Pinning the scoreboard as a floating pill is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s going in your favorite online game or sports league. Plus, users can track multiple games at once.

Google is planning to introduce a game that will let users pick their favorite teams to participate in matches. The matches will be live and users will be able to score points by successfully flicking the ball toward a goal.

Contestants will compete on a new app to score more goals before the match’s end. The players have to work together to win each virtual game.

AMD launches a data center CPU named “Genoa”. It will be tested by numerous companies, including organizations like Microsoft and Google.

Moreover, Google Search will likely also soon let fans “rate players based on how you think they’ll perform and see how that rating stands up against the others.” Businesses would be able to tell customers that they are displaying the world cup in their store with a banner or icon which would then appear on Google Search and Maps.

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