Google Play is adding two new features

There are some great new features in the works for Google Play, which include the ability to archive unused apps to save storage and the ability to see a progress bar while downloading an app.

Recently, we made a change to the new “Show install progress bubble” toggle in Play Store’s notification settings. When enabled, installation progress of an app will appear in a floating bubble, which you can drag to any part of your screen. There are many benefits to this new floating bubble download indicator on the Play Store.

You’ll always be redirected to the app installation page, even if you’re using your phone. You also won’t need to go to the installation percentage stat in the app’s description, because it appears right in your browser.

Google Play Store also has a new, “app archiving” feature soon.

Google recently announced that they have plans to launch the new app archiving feature on the Google Play Store. This will enable users to uninstall apps, but still keep all their personal info and data. For those who may be wondering, when this rolls out, this will be a great way for you to save storage space on your device.

Once launch, when you archive a Google Play app, the Play Store will show a “Restore” button instead of “Install,” making it easier than ever to access archived apps. Hitting this button will take you to the dedicated page to restore your phone back to exactly how you left it, without having to sign in again.

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