Google Meet is stealing Zoom’s trick to easily unmute

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Google has combined two separate apps, Meet and Duo , to make one app. Now they’ve added a feature that was copied from Zoom in an update to Google Workspace. A new update to Meet will allow you to unmute yourself by holding down the spacebar and mute again by releasing it. This will be available for both PC and Mac.

Zoom automatically unmutes you if it detects you’re talking, which is like Push-to-talk on a walkie-talkie. Zoom even allows you to automatically unmute yourself during video conferences by pressing your hands together in a circle.

Google is rolling out their version of this new shortcut on September 9th. It may take 15 days for you to see the option though, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away. Once it does, turn it off in Google Meet’s settings.

The new Meet app is confusing, as Google’s updates to both the Duo and Meet apps are present. This includes the new push-to-talk feature coming to the Meet app (the one that combines Duo and Meet) but not yet to the original Meet app. It’s unclear at this time whether it will come to either app as Google is working towards discontinuing of the old Meet app.

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