Google Makes its Violent Content Rules Clear with Trump’s Truth Social

Google Warns Trump’s Truth Social Platform Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Play Store

Facebook, the social media app is not available on Google’s app store. The former and current president have publicly disagreed about the reasoning for this decision.

Google said they would not distribute Truth Social on their Play app store. They agreed that it must first remove those pieces of content which incite violence before being uploaded.

When an app is submitted, Google reviews it and could take the app down if it is found to contain threats. Truth Social complied with this request and submitted a redone version.

On August 19th, Google notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies. They emphasized that having an effective system for moderating user-generated content is a prerequisite to live on the Google platform and last week, Truth Social wrote back acknowledging their feedback and saying they are working to address these issues.

Google has been taking on a more drastic approach to content-moderation where the company decides whether or not the information can be used to cause real-world violence. They did this by suspending President Trump from uploading additional content to his YouTube channel, and that decision has yet to be undone.

Trump Media and Technology Group, a subsidiary of Truth Social, looks forward to getting Google’s approval.

The company has diligently worked with Google to ensure that the Truth Social Android app is compliant with Google’s policies while maintaining its position as a true free speech platform.

Google Says Trump’s Truth Social Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Play Store

Truth Social is blaming Google for halting the app’s development, but Google says that it isn’t at fault and that Truth Social can reach out to other companies.

One way that Trump’s new social media app could try to edge Google out of the market is by not going through Google’s content-moderation process. This would let people download and use the app without downloading from the Google Play store. And one way for this Muslim ban app to get around the fact that some nations either barred conservative apps from their stores or weren’t receiving updates from those apps is by going through Samsung Galaxy’s approved app store.

Trump’s Truth Social Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Google Play Store

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Google Says Trump’s Reality Social Media Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Play Store

Google Says Trump’s Truth Social Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Play Store

Truth Social debuted on the App Store in February, with its most popular download. The company then turned its attention to building an Android version of the app. Six weeks ago, data showed that Google may bring an Android app to the Play Store. Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

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