Google is making advertising on audio ads available to all advertisers.

As technology continues to evolve, Google is providing innovative opportunities for advertisers. With their recently released audio ads on YouTube, advertisers can now reach consumers who are streaming music and podcasts.

Business owners are now able to experience more ways to reach new customers and fans. That’s because Google is making audio ads available to all advertisers, giving businesses more opportunities for content marketing on YouTube.

In the past, specific product categories were ineligible to run audio ads. With this broader rollout, it looks like Google is lifting the previous restrictions on running audio ads.

Google is adding new targeting options to audio ads. Advertisers can now specifically reach podcasts.

Video advertising, social media marketing, and other types of new technology are constantly changing the game. That’s why Google announced a series of updates to its YouTube platform during Advertising Week New York–and they’re awesome. Here’s more information about all these cool new features.

With Google Audio Ads, your ad will be available on a wide range of audio devices in markets around the world.

In 2017, the largest podcast market was the one on YouTube.

Now, Google advertisers can reach podcast listeners with audio ads on YouTube.

In addition to being played through YouTube, audio ads can be served to people who listen to podcasts. Plus, there’s an option for you to limit targeting to podcast listeners if that is your desired audience.

Create a Google Audio Ad with this short tutorial from Search Engine Journal’s Brooke Osmundson.

Youtube has also added a new feature that allows users to deliver creatives.

Moments like these just can’t be captured in any other way.

YouTube is launching a new offering called “Moment Blast.” Designed to reach viewers during events like live sports, movie releases, or product launches, this service gives you the data and analytics you need to get a huge boost in your online marketing.

Product Feeds In Discovery Ads.

Google has partnered with YouTube to help prepare their campaigns for later this year.

YouTube ads are all over the site, including on the search, home, suggested video and video app pages.

Previously, advertisers could direct potential customers to a landing page, a lead form, or YouTube videos. Thanks to this update, they can also direct potential customers to product pages.

Get your hands on more information about product feeds in discovery ads when we announce the details at the YouTube Shopping event tomorrow.

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