Google: How to get Content Indexed More Quickly

When you created a new sitemap and uploaded it, you were supposed to send an email. That’s one way to tell Google that there has been a change in your website structure. Now as long as your sitemap file is up to date, or has recently been updated, Google can easily index new content.

This does not guarantee that your website will rank in Google. In fact, there are times when Google seems uninterested in new URLs you try to promote.

Pinging a sitemap is different than just providing it in the robots.txt — by pinging, you’re actively flagging a change in the sitemap file. If you’re keen on having new content indexed quickly, that’s a good practice.

Google doesn’t check a sitemap every time a site is crawled. The sitemap will only be checked the first time it’s seen, and thereafter at that same moment when you ping Google to let them know that it’s changed. They’ll only see stale or unchanged sitemaps if you pings Google multiple times, so anticipate your changes and submit new content well in advance!

The ping tool will fetch a redirect for the specified url. Note that this method should be used only to verify whether the sitemap exists and can be accessed via

A complete list of methods is available at this location.

Make sure you’re always available to your customers, and ping them when it’s time for the next step in their journey. Don’t overlook follow-ups, especially those that can make all of the difference.

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