Google has announced that users of Google Chrome will finally be able to use less RAM when they open the app.

Google Chrome is notorious for wasting processor power and keeping your phone from being able to accomplish anything else. This is especially an issue on budget phones with a small amount of memory, which can lead to crashing or freezing the whole system in the case that there are too many tabs open.

Google plans to address memory usage with a new update that will snooze inactive tabs. This should free up system resources, preventing your system from lagging and pestering you. Other browsers already have such features, including Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Chrome has a new feature launching soon! The memory and energy saver modes will show up in the settings menu. They’ll also be shown in the performance section in chrome://settings.

Memory Saver will hibernate all your inactive tabs, freeing up RAM for other tasks. To revisit a snoozed tab, view the RAM saved after it has been hibernated.

With the “Convert site tabs to tabs with audio” option, you can choose whether to have your website’s audio play through your laptop speakers or headphones. You’ll even be able to add exceptions like YouTube videos if you want to keep music playing in the background. This feature should be especially useful for Chromebooks that come with limited RAM.

Battery Saver will help you extend battery life by lowering the screen’s refresh rate and disabling other visual effects. It will also limit background activity to keep your devices going longer than usual.
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Chrome Canary is a product from Google that’s just like the main browser, but with additional features and functionality. The features for this app are only available in Chrome Canary for now, and there’s no word on when it will actually be released to the stable channel — but since it’s already been mentioned on the Canary-exclusive site, we can safely assume it won’t be too long.

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