Google deposits $250,000 in security expert’s account

Search engine Google announced it deposited around $250,000 into the bank account of a cyber security professional by mistake.

According to a foreign news agency, Sam Curry – a security engineer at Yuga Labs – tweeted that the tech giant deposited $249,999 without a valid reason. 

The self-termed hacker stated that he contacted the company but did not get a response even after three weeks. 

The expert claimed to do projects for companies like Google but could not make out the connection between his latest works and the payment.

A Google spokesperson stated that it was due to a human error and is working to resolve the issue.

“Our team recently made a payment to the wrong party as the result of human error,” the spokesperson stated. “We appreciate that it was quickly communicated to us by the impacted partner, and we are working to correct it.”

The security expert later confirmed that Google contacted him later regarding the payment. 

“Google did indeed contact me and I’m going to head into the bank today to pay it back,” he said. 

The companies have made errors in which large sums of money have been deposited in bank account of others in the past.

A bank in the United Kingdom credited a total of £130 million to customers’ accounts by mistake, according to a report by England-based news agency BBC.

The bank also mentioned that the payment was divided into over 75,000 transactions for roughly 2,000 corporate and commercial customers. It issued an apology.

“We’re sorry that due to a technical issue, some payments from our corporate clients were incorrectly duplicated on the recipients’ accounts,” the bank said.

It added: “None of our clients were at any point left out of pocket as a result and we will be working hard with many banks across the UK to recover the duplicated transactions over the coming days.”

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