Google Cloud has partnered with Indian game developer SuperGaming

Google Cloud has partnered with SuperGaming to offer their proprietary gaming engine, SuperPlatform, as another expansion into the gaming market. This will give developers worldwide the ability to conveniently use their gaming engine in addition to their other cloud services which they partner with.

Google Cloud announced a partnership with HyperX this week, putting their cloud tools to use for the gaming engine developed by Pune-headquartered startup HyperX. The tools are designed to help firms maintain, optimize and scale their games.

SuperGaming has been making waves in the gaming industry with new mobile apps like MaskGun, Silly Royale and Tower Conquest. Its flagship title is PAC-MAN, which has amassed millions of downloads and continues to keep players entertained for hours on end.

SuperGaming initially developed the SuperPlatform for its own games and started to license the service in 2019.

SuperGaming and Amazon have been around for a while now. The decision to move to Google Cloud was made after SuperGaming saw certain advantages, including saving significant amounts of money.

“This puts wheels in motion to make our platform available via Google Cloud as an independent software vendor,” John said. “I’m very excited about the partnership, and I’m looking forward to bringing our platform to Google Cloud,” he added.

With the Azure agreement, Microsoft is making things more difficult for SuperPlatform. Now, as a result of this partnership, Ultimate Gaming is leaning on AWS for its future tech needs.

Prior to announcing potential partnership, John said that SuperGaming had been working closely with Google’s Cloud engineers to use the cloud platform for the upcoming battle royale game Indus. The teams on both sides exchanged insights, helping bring the partnership in an organic way and pass on information that continued to benefit them too.

Some of the partnering companies mentioned that participating in partnerships will not just provide them with more opportunities, but more importantly, it will create opportunities for their customers as well. As part of the joint conversation, Bikram Singh Bedi said, “The partnership is about much more than a business decision. It’s about people coming together and trying to work towards successful outcomes.”

Neither company disclosed the financial terms of their partnership.

Google Cloud and its competitors AWS and Azure have liveOps services that game developers can use to run their games in-house using the real-time telemetrics they get. Google Cloud, however, seems to leverage SuperGaming’s expertise alongside its own to bring some distinctions.

The company behind games like Clash of Clans, Game of War: Fire Age and Marvel Contest of Champions has just launched a partnership with in-game advertising firm Vungle. Bedi, the founder and CEO of Supercell, explained that this is an effort to influence both players and developers.

SuperGaming, which includes Texas-based Skycatcher, Tokyo’s Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, Kirkland-based 1UpVentures and Ant Group-backed BAce Capital among its investors, has so far raised $6.8 million, with $5.5 million infused through a Series A round last year.

One of the startup’s main goals is to help people gain an understanding and appreciation for blockchain technology. They’ve created unique games that highlight that philosophy. These games are free to play, which means you can earn in-game currency and player ranking faster than ever before.

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