Google Chrome is proving to be in the most unsafe browser in 2022.

In January to October of 2018, Google Chrome had 303 security vulnerabilities. It’s the most vulnerabilities among various popular browsers

The most dangerous internet browser of 2022, according to a recent survey by Atlas VPN, was Google Chrome. The list was followed by other major names including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

The figures mentioned in this report were originated by the vulnerability database (VulDB). The database basically collected the data from 1st January to 5th of October. During that 10-month period, Google Chrome was found to have come across 303 vulnerabilities. These numbers weren’t surprising, and made Google Chrome top the list of the most unsafe browsers in 2022.
1st January 2022
5th October 2022

When it comes to websites, often people will go for the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. But if you’re serious about your security and identity, then you’ll want to stay away from these browsers.

Mozilla Firefox has 117 security vulnerabilities and Microsoft Edge will soon join the list. Microsoft Edge is also up for 806 security issues and a total percentage of 62% since 2018.

Apple Safari is a well-identified browser, with just 26 vulnerabilities found. It still remains the least vulnerable browser among others. But in the whole life span of Apple Safari there’s been a total of 1139 vulnerabilities diagnosed; which should not be ignored when it comes to security .

Opera has proved to be the safest browser on the market. It might have a large customer base, but it’s still super secure and features real-time anti-phishing and malware protection.

Opera’s continued use of security-mode has allowed it to remain unsafe. It is still the safest and was noted with an 0 vulnerability in its course for this year.

The same vulnerabilities that were found in Google Chrome may also affect the Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers.

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