Google Chrome is gaining a dynamic color theme, based on the New Tab Page background.

Google Chrome desktop is gaining a new dynamic theme, like Android. The app updates your wallpaper dynamically to match the style of the theme you’re using.

Google is committed to providing the best possible experience for their users. This has led them to provide more theming and customization options for Chrome that let people feel more at home when using the web browser. Chrome on a PC, Chromebook, or Mac provides way more options than the Android version.

The key difference with Material You, included in the Reddit post by Leopeva64, is that the theme is created from colors of your wallpaper. As shared on Reddit by joergenscheit78, Google will be adding a similar system for Android in Chrome Canary soon, as reported by Chris Duckett on Digital Trends. The system will allow users to choose their own background image for their New Tab Page with a flag hidden in chrome://flags.

Any time you change a background image in Chrome, the whole browser will change to a color theme that complements the picture. Notably, Chrome only changes themes if your picture is from one of Google’s background collections. If you use an image from your own series, Chrome will stay on its previous theme.

Chrome is an app with a ton of great visual changes. Not only do they change the screen each time you open it, but they also change the theme in response to your account pictures and notifications. This sense of personalization helps create a better cohesion that makes Chrome feel like your own phone and not just another OS.

The feature, Background-based dynamic color themes, only just recently appeared in Chrome Canary, so we don’t expect to see them launch until at least version 110. It’s scheduled to release in February 2023.

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