Google begins to release third-party integrations into the new Workspace

IT managers are beginning to realize new benefits of using a single collaboration and productivity software platform. These include lowered expenditure, fewer updates and greater staff productivity.

IT managers continue to be frustrated with how difficult it is for their employees to find the perfect work tools. Google is on a path to close the gap between your employees and their favorite digital tools across its Workspace platform, through the expansion of third-party integrations.

Hybrid work is the future of work. To help organizations and teams take full advantage of hybrid work, Google recently announced a new addition to their Workspace platform designed specifically for this purpose.

Although it’s been a year since the introduction of Google Workspace, these latest updates are meant to deliver new ways for its customers to use third-party applications. The additions include the launch of new integrations and enhanced API capabilities for Docs, Meet and Spaces.

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At the Next conference, Google announced that Meet has added more capabilities to facilitate more immersive interactions. They’ve also updated their Security in Gmail and Google Docs to protect over 100 million users.

Discussing the announcements in the wake of Google’s conference, Yulie Kwon Kim, a vice president of product management at Google Workspace, said Google is committed to giving customers that level of customizability in how they work with our tools.

“The openness of our platform puts all your work in one central point and allows you to really tailor it to how you want, and so workflows cross-over products,” Kim explained. “One simple workflow may span not just multiple workspace apps, but tools from other vendors, as well as internal tools.”

Smart chips enhance app integration by taking your smart home to the next level with unparalleled convenience.

Workspace is going to be launching a new feature that mimics the way you can use Google Docs to embed links inside your document.

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Smart canvas made it possible for people to share their workspace with anyone online. With Google Docs, users can now interactively mention people, files and meeting templates. All they have to do is type “@ smart canvas” in the first line of a content in the document that has Smart Canvas enabled and they’ll have the platform set up.

Google has expanded its smart chips capabilities to everyone. With these new third-party smart chips, customers can tag and see important information from partner applications that use @-mentions, and insert interactive information from third-party apps directly into a Google Doc.

By opening up smart canvas to developers and announcing new APIs, I’m making it easier for them to build into Meet, Chat and Spaces.

“We’ve seen a significant amount of activity in the marketplace so far, and we’re really happy to see all the amazing innovations that our developers have been coming up with,” said one of our employees. “As of today, there are over 5,200 apps in our public market.”

Third-party integrations will be able to work with these smart chip-based technologies in 2023. Partners such as AO Docs, Atlassian, Asana, Figma, Miro, Tableau and ZenDesk will soon be able to incorporate these tools into their services to make them smarter, more cost-effective and easier to manage.

The complexity of the SaaS landscape is a daunting challenge for companies seeking to assert their presence in the market. However, we believe that an open ecosystem approach can help tackle this problem head-on.

To make it easier for you to access important project information, Atlassian is one of the organizations creating smart chips. These chips enable users to visualize key project plan details directly in a Doc.

What’s great about this integration is that it will allow users to access JIRA and Confluence entirely within Google Docs. This new feature is expected to be live in early next year.

The true power of Trello is its ability to integrate with other digital applications. As Trello’s parent company, Atlassian, Trautman says that having this integration in place will be essential for their ongoing success.

Dave Trautman, CEO of Kaseya, added that due to the proliferation of software tools that now exist within most organizations, it is the role of technology companies to help their customers minimize the disruption that emerges from constant need to context-switch. Organizations must also focus on making these tools easy for users to access.

Trautman said, “We need to meet people where they are and determine what they need. We need to find them accessing our software on their mobile devices while providing remote support to help the administrators at these big companies administer their security across multiple software platforms.”
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Already, there are multiple tools and solutions. Google’s initiative will give you more options by connecting to third-party tools that you already use.

New features delivered over 300 times

With continuous updates and a customer-focused approach, Google has delivered around 300 new collaborative updates to companies this year alone.

Aside from the other releases announced by Google last week, there are no plans to reduce any of those services in future.

For almost a decade, Google has been meeting the needs of both users and enterprise customers with its innovative software. Expand your options now by using Meet services from inside Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google just announced two new tools for developers. The Google Meet API, which enables users to bring third-party apps together with Google Meet, and the Google Meet add-on SDK, which helps users integrate Google Chat with their own apps.

Google is making some updates to the Slides App, including adaptive framing and AI-powered camera support from Huddly and Logitech. You can also book meeting rooms via Slides; log into your sessions on Meet; schedule phone calls in Meet; include automatic video framing and upload a personal photo to be the background for slides; transcripts of meetings; and control slides directly within Meet. A few of these will be available as soon as this month, while the majority will be available in 2023.

In the coming months, Google plans to provide users with calendar location reminders and custom emojis in email and inline messaging capabilities. There’s also a new feature that allows broadcast only spaces in Google Chat.

The CSE update will include data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Chat to help prevent sensitive information from getting leaked. Trusts in Drive and other added features will make it easier for admins to control sharing and allow for more granular access to internal and external content.
With regards to updated security measures, in addition to CSE, new data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Chat enable admins to create custom policies to help prevent sensitive information leaks while trust rules in Drive allow for more granular control of internal and external sharing. These capabilities will all be available by the end of the year.

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