Google adsense has cancled a payment! For those of you who have a Youtube channel, don’t worry, you’re still good.

Just this week, a number of YouTubers were sent an email telling them that their Adsense payments accounts had been cancelled. Some videos were taken down immediately and creators lost tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

If you’re a YouTuber who had your account number recently canceled or have over $10 in your account balance, we offer a quick email that notifies you of this hardship.

When the social media platforms pulled the rug out from under people who depend on them for income, some content creators turned to social media in an effort to share their grievances.

When a person receives an email about being laid off, it’s not unusual for them to feel like their future is over.

You should not be concerned about the mystery email, though. Your Google Adsence account has been replaced with a new one that is dedicated to YouTube content creators.

Once you’re done creating a new YouTube account, it’ll get all the previous settings from your old one. No changes necessary to maintain the payments.

With AdSense for content, you’ll be able to monetize your blog posts, images, and videos. And you can rest easy because this never happens with AdSense.

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