Google admits its Google TV software is too slow

Google apps are being slowly integrated into TV devices. You can use Google services without having to connect your phone or computer to your TV, which allows you to multitask by turning on your TV and flipping to another app if need be.

Google says that Google TV’s homepage is now faster, and that through CPU optimizations and a well-maintained cache, it will load 60% faster than before. This can be seen on third-party devices such as LG TVs, and also on Chromecast.

Google admits the slowness of its Google TV software is due to a slow CPU

According to the article, when loading the Live Tab, scrolling through the homescreen, or using a kid profile, Google TV should be performing faster than before. These improvements are thanks to Google TV utilising less RAM, leaving more for apps.

Google has responded to complaints about how the Chromecast only features 5GB of usable space. They have created a secondary menu in Settings > System > Storage which will allow you to free up space by clearing your device’s cache and uninstalling apps. The process will be rolled out soon to smart TVs and is currently functioning on the Chromecast.

It seems like Google is getting ready to push people towards the big screen experience with their new Wi Fi connected TV. If this is the case, it makes sense that they are trying to improve on the basics now. However, as more and more services populate bandwidth now, it may be time for hardware companies (including Google) to consider upgrading storage space for Google TV devices. While software tricks such as removing low storage error messages temporarily may work, there’s really no substitute for just having more space.

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