Google added a new flagship in the Pixel lineup that took top spots in DxOMark camera and display tests.

The Pixel 7 Pro has finally started shipping and is already receiving praise for various improvements, including making one of the best camera experiences on a smartphone. It falls short of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in display tests, but the Pixel 7 Pro offers an overall amazing performance.

As you may be aware, there could be certain circumstances in which the power consumption of the Pixel 7 Pro might be an issue. However, it seems that Google has tried to address that with their latest flagship device. While we have yet to publish our review of the device, DxOMark has analysed it across various categories, including its display.

For context, early leaks suggested that the Pixel 7 Pro has a new display that’s better than the one found in the Pixel 6 Pro. Early tests to date highlight this, with the Pixel 7 Pro being notably brighter than its predecessor. In DxOMark’s view, the display is second only to an iPhone 14 Pro Max and is a significant upgrade from the Pixel 6 Pro. In short, the Pixel 7 Pro has a color-accurate and bright display, as well as strong software tunings to improve brightness performance in low-light conditions and when viewing HDR10 content.

Arguably, the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pixel 7 Pro have similar rear-facing cameras. The two models perform on par in DxOMark’s view in this department, with just one point separating them. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro does better when it comes to a slightly better front-facing camera than the Pixel 7 Pro.

Seemingly, Google could fix some of DxOMark’s criticisms with the Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras through software updates. In particular, the website points out that it noticed some highlight clipping indoors, as well as colour casts when recording videos in the same lighting conditions. Fortunately, DxOMark has shared a summary video of its findings, embedded below.

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