Gmail’s iOS 16 lock screen widget looks great, but it’s not coming today

What is Gmail’s iOS 16 lock screen widget?

There is a new lock screen widget for Gmail, which comes just in time before Google releases iOS 16. This latest update will offer the choice between one of eight different screens to see when their phone was unlocked.

Developers are updating their app to include new widgets that will be available in the coming weeks. Google is previewing them now, so stay tuned!

Gmail lock screen widget has multiple displays that provide relevant information right at your fingertips, such as an indication of your number of new unread emails, or you can select which kind of messages to be updated on.

Google Maps has a widget that can show you the estimated arrival times, public transportation details, and location reminders. It also has single-tap shortcuts that can show you nearby restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops, and hotels.

You can do a quick Google search with one tap using widget buttons that will open your phone to the Google Search, prep the camera in case you choose to use it, go directly to voice search or to use Google Translate, Google Shopping or Google Scholar.

Google is continuing to make updates to its Chrome extensions, with a new Google Drive Widget that allows you to access starred folders in one click. They have also created a Preview Widgets for Google News, which will give you a glimpse of the headline and story.

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