Gmail and Google News updates add iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

Gmail and Google News updates add iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

The Gmail and Google News UI has been updated to fit in with the new Apple mobile operating system iOS 16.

Gmail has a new lock screen widget to alert you of unread messages. It’s available in three different sizes, and is currently being rolled out on the App Store.

Read Unread count and Gmail logo from Lock Screen

2×1 rectangle: Unread count with breakdown that includes Chats and Spaces

Gmail and Google News update offer Lock Screen widget

Google News has improved the most recent update to provide a “top news” experience with customizable notifications and the choice to view headlines. The new Google News is noted at the top of the screen next to their logo with a headline under an article. It’s no longer in a grid layout and allows for more screen real estate.

We’re waiting for a new update that will offer the ability to use Google Maps feature called “real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times.” We also expect Google Search which will finally include quick access to Google Lens and voice search.

After updating to the latest versions of each app, be sure to launch once before going to the Lock Screen editor to add. The widgets might otherwise not show up.

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