For YouTube Premium subscribers, Google Fi is offering a free year of their service.

If you’re with Google Fi, you’ll get a free year of YouTube Premium . The Unlimited Plus plan comes with unlimited data, and is the most expensive option.

If you’re subscribed to Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, you can now enjoy an extra perk in addition to unlimited data: access to YouTube Premium for one year.

Starting today, new and existing members enrolled in Google Fi’s premium plan won’t have to pay the $119.99 annual fee for one year of the increasingly popular service, Patrick Seybold, Google’s global PR lead for Stadia, AR and Project Starline, told The Verge in an email.
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YouTube has changed the way people watch TV and enjoy movies. With the YouTube Premium subscriptions, it’s easy to just watch what you want and sign up for your favorite premium channels with one subscription.

Project Fi has created a unique paid wireless plan. Consumers can now get the best of both worlds–capable connectivity and reliable storage–with a single monthly subscription service.

YouTube Premium is a much-coveted premium subscription service that offers value on a lot of levels. With it, you will have ad-free viewing and ability to download and listen offline, as well as all the perks offered by the free YouTube service. The only drawback is having to pay for YouTube Plus ($11/month).

It’s one of many perks that Google has been introducing recently to lure people into buying their products and services. They released their discount package last year, which gives a $5 discount on your monthly service when you’re subscribed to the Google Fi phone plan through the new Pixel Pass subscription.

Pixel Pass is like Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple services bundle in some ways. Customers can pay for the plan on a monthly basis, and get upgrades through the service after two years. Pixel Pass offers free access to YouTube Premium, 200GB of Google One cloud storage, Google Play Pass, YouTube Music Premium, plus more than 50 other digital products and services!

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