Customize Your Contacts with Google Illustrations on Android”

Google has recently rolled out a new feature for its Contacts app on Android that allows users to set custom profile pictures using the “Google Illustrations” tool. This feature, which was initially introduced in September 2021 for Gmail, allows users to create a unique and personalized profile picture for their account.

In the Contacts app, the feature is available when editing any contact. Users can access the “Illustrations” feature by clicking on the first tab next to “Google Photos” and “Device photos.” The collections available for users to choose from include animals, cities and places, food, hobbies and interests, nature, and sports and recreation. Google has also added more options to each subcategory since the feature’s launch.

Once a user has selected an image, they can edit it using the new “Quick crops” feature, which highlights interesting parts of the image. This feature, along with the other color tools, makes the Google Illustrations experience more immersive.

In addition to the Illustrations feature, Google has also recently introduced a branded floating action button (FAB) in Google Messages. The “Start chat” button is now accompanied by the Message logo that Google uses for the app’s themed icon.

However, some other features such as the redesigned photo picker, delivery/read indicators, and the ability to react with emojis have yet to be widely rolled out. Group end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is the only feature that is currently seeing broader availability in the app.

Overall, the integration of the Google Illustrations feature in the Contacts app for Android allows users to further customize and personalize their contacts while making the app more visually appealing. It is a small but welcomed addition to the app’s functionality.

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