Creating tidier and more organized work spaces with the use of Kanban on Google Workspace

How to add kanban boards to your Google Workspace with the help of Kanbanchi

Learn how easy it is to add kanban boards to your Google Workspace account with Kanbanchi. No more paper worksheets or sticky notes, Jack Wallen shows you how.

Project management is important for every business. I use Kanban in order to streamline how I manage project assignments and reduce my risk of failure. Kanban helps me quickly view the status of a project without needing to dig through documents or check email.

I rely on Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, and Keep on a daily basis– so it made perfect sense to turn them into one service: Google Workspace. I depend on this service the most– and you will too!

Thanks to Kanbanchi, it’s possible to add Google Workspaces to your Google Docs experience. Search for “Google Workspaces” in the add-ons menu of any document and you’ll find the app.

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Kanbanchi allows you to create and manage thousands of task lists and tasks in the form of cards. The app also includes features like unlimited checklists, sub-cards, templates, advanced search filters, activity feed, email and in-app notifications, Google Calendar integration, Drive and Shared Drive attachments, export to Google Sheets and subscription managment.

Let me show you how to get started using kanban boards in Google Workspace.

To get started, you’ll need

Your only need for this blog is a Google Work Spaces account (either a free or paid account). Start using your kanban system today!

Because we are committed to providing you with the great tools your small business needs, we offer multiple free and premium Kanbanchi options. The paid plans look like this:

Once a month, we offer a great subscription plan for both individual users and companies. The Starter level includes unlimited boards, cards, and sub cards so you’ll never run out of design ideas.

If you want everything in our free plan with all the bells and whistles, we charge $19.97 for each of your users per month. Want more? You can upgrade to our full-service plan that has tons of features such as Gantt charts and more.

Enterprise: Starting at $34.97 per user per month, Professional gives you everything you’ll need to take full control of your digital agency. Multi-level admin lets you delegate responsibilities and keep on top of analytics without ever missing a beat.

To view the entire feature set for each plan, check out the Kanbanchi pricing matrix.

Users who want to access Kanbanchi in Google Workspaces can find a different URL for each type of content.

Open Google Drive, then open the add-on site from your browser tabs. To install Kanbanchi, you must install the add-on from your Google Workspaces Marketplace account.

Click More from Google Workspaces Marketplace and search for Kanbanchi. Locate the Kanbanchi card, and then click Install. This will integrate it into your Google Workspaces Apps menu and now you’ll be able to see it when you scroll down in your app menu.

How to start using Kanbanchi

To get started with Google Workspaces, you’ll need to create an account. Just click the entry in the Google Workspaces App menu and follow the prompts to sign in with your Google account.

For convenience and familiarity, you will be asked to set up your Google account before you can use Kanbanchi. When you’ve done this, you’ll be redirected back to the Kanbanchi window where you know what to do from there.

From your default dashboard, head to “Customize Dashboard” and name it so you know how to quickly find it. This is a template where you can customize the columns and more to reflect the way you work.

From here, you can confidently move forward, as customizing your Kanban Spaces and Boards is very straightforward. I would recommend giving the free trial a try – I think you’ll find Kanbanchi an outstanding kanban service that is at least on par with the best of them.

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