Cowbell develops a risk rating system for cyber insurance

Cowbell today announced the launch of Connector for Google Workspace. Connector allows access to inside-out data and real-time risk insights into Google’s collaboration and productivity applications within Google Workspace (e.g., Gmail, Google Calendar, Chat, etc.). Cowbell is the first insurance provider to specifically incorporate a wide range of risk factors into its vetting process.

As email is one of the top cyberattack vectors for criminals, it’s important for organizations to receive real-time insights about cyber risk from Google Workspace. Cowbell uses this information to reduce the severity of cyber incidents. At the same time, claimants receive customized suggestions and insurance protection that reflect their technology deployments.

Businesses worldwide use Google Workspace to collaborate and connect with their peers and employees. Cowbell Cyber is proud to have built a cyber insurance experience that incentivizes Google customers to be vigilant about how they rely on the tools that allow their business to thrive.

Cowbell Connectors are a way for engaging with the digital infrastructure ecosystem to enhance operational efficiencies and improve risk management. This type of technology is built on publicly available APIs from Google, providing a secure connection that allows policyholders who utilize this particular platform within their workspace to become eligible for a five percent premium credit.

Cowbell recently announced their Adaptive Cyber Insurance, which transforms cyber coverage from a static offering to a dynamic one, adaptable to today’s and tomorrow’s vulnerabilities, ensuring that policies evolve more frequently than once yearly. The Connector plays an important role in enabling this success by giving policyholders access to inside-out data through a single portal.

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