Chat is getting a few upgrades in the near future to help it stay relevant in the future.

Google has been steadily upgrading Workspace throughout the pandemic. At Google Cloud Next this week, new updates were unveiled that include new tagging options to pull data from outside apps within your Google Doc.

Google recently announced new features for its Google Chat software. They announced that there will be the addition of message threading this month, and that they’ll be launching with emoji later this year.

Employees will soon be able to quickly announce new initiatives, jobs, and more via Google Spaces. Or make use of automated translation in broadcast-only announcements.
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Google Meet and Chat will be releasing APIs in early next year that will allow other apps to create and start meetings. Google’s task manager app, Asana, as well as LumApps’ employee software, will be the first to add these features.

Google is rolling out new security features for data loss prevention in their products now. The latest addition is improvements in the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) feature. This makes it “a lot harder” to leak sensitive information in your documents by putting a traffic control on messages. It’s currently available for Google Enterprise Standard, Google Enterprise Plus, and Education Standard accounts. It will be coming soon to Google Education Plus accounts.

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