Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation at Google”

A former Google employee, Ryan Olohan, has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was fired by the company after he rejected advances from a female executive, Tiffany Miller. According to court papers, Miller allegedly groped Olohan during a company dinner in December 2019, complimented his physique, and made comments about her marriage lacking “spice.” The lawsuit states that Olohan reported the incident to the human resources department but no action was taken. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Miller retaliated against Olohan by reporting him for “microaggressions” after he made the complaint.

The lawsuit also claims that Miller berated Olohan during a company get-together in April 2022 and mocked him for his preference for Asian women, knowing that his wife is Asian. Olohan also claimed that he felt pressure from his supervisor and was told that there were “obviously too many white guys” on his management team.

In July, Olohan was fired by Google, ending his 16-year association with the company. According to the New York Post, Olohan was told by the Google Employee Investigations team that he was fired because he was not “inclusive.”

A spokesman for Miller denied the allegations in a statement to The Post. The statement said that the lawsuit is a “fictional account of events filled with numerous falsehoods, fabricated by a disgruntled ex-employee, who was senior to Ms. Miller at Google.” The statement also claimed that witnesses can readily corroborate that Miller never made any “advance” toward Olohan.

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