A United Kingdom inquiry will investigate Apple and Google’s dominance of mobile browsing.

Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority launched an in-depth investigation into the dominance of the mobile browsers of Apple and Google.

The Competition and Markets Authority launched a consultation in June that is asking for public feedback on whether Apple has been limiting the availability of online games through their app store.

A study conducted by the UK’s Chambers of Commerce revealed that many UK-based businesses and web developers say they feel they are being held back by restrictions set by Apple and Google, the two largest tech companies in the world.

We plan to investigate if these concerns are justified, and if so, identify steps to improve competition and innovation in these sectors.

One of the reasons why Android had greater app and app store choice for users is because of Google’s willingness to open up their platform.

“Focus is making it easier for developers to choose their preferred browser engine,” said a spokesperson. “It also has been a launchpad for millions of apps and has revolutionized the industry.”

“We’re committed to building thriving, open platforms that empower consumers and help developers build successful businesses. We offer advice that encourages growth.”

Following today’s CMA statement, Apple has set out a process to try and explain how its approach “promotes competition and choice, while ensuring consumers’ privacy and security are protected.”

As the digital market grows, more and more countries are taking notice of our tech giants. Competition regulators in Brussels, London, and other major cities are now investigating them as part of anti-monopoly investigations.

Google’s Play Store is the subject of separate investigations by anti-trust authorities in the EU and Britain.

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