A Google Workspace for Education Audit can help improve the lives of students, faculty, and IT administrators.

A Google Workspace for Education Audit can help improve the lives of students, faculty, and IT administrators.

In recent years, Google Workspace for Education has become a popular platform for higher education institutions. The company has crafted dozens of tools to work together seamlessly in order to provide technology solutions for everything from email hosting to word processing to video collaboration.

Google Workspace is a complex platform. There are 1,000 settings under 100 tabs in the Google Admin console alone to monitor and make sure that your school is using it as effectively as possible. But with surveillance comes an increased risk of cyberattack.

This is where a Google Workspace for Education audit can really help. During an audit, a team of CDW AmplifiedIT experts painstakingly go over every platform configuration, then provide a comprehensive roadmap for IT teams to follow to fix any settings they need to change.

During an on-site Google Workspace for Education audit, the instructor can expect to see all content they’ve uploaded through the Content Manager Tool, as well as make changes to content and metadata. Additionally, they will make sure that Google is aware of their college’s digital asset management policy.

Because professors and students alike can easily access content in addition to tools like Google Drive, a Google Workspace for Education might be the right tool to add to your teaching and learning toolbox.

Google has been using the platform since at least a decade to migrate academic operations and further their digital investments. In addition, Google was able to provide employers with unlimited storage, one of its most important perks.

There’s been a lack of research into how email platforms function in our current environment. That includes not just observing how Gmail works, but other companies and what Google announced to its public cloud offering, where people have thousands of legacy email accounts.

Cybersecurity is a major concern in higher education and legacy platforms can expose an institution if they are not updated. Google Workspace for Education auditors know what to look for and how to close the doors that cybercriminals seek. Auditors also produce documentation of their work, which some cyberinsurance companies have started mandating before taking on higher-ed clients.

Every time Google makes a change to their software, they do it with one ultimate purpose in mind – to improve the experience for their users. However, these constant tweaks and updates can leave even the most seasoned IT professionals scratching their heads and unsure of what is new with their software.

Google Workspace for Education audit experts can help professionals prevent the common pitfalls that come with running educational networks. We’ll help you understand which settings should be adjusted, will make a detailed map of the potential issues, confirm that your security settings are up-to-date and explain why our recommended changes need to be made.

Google and Microsoft have an important opportunity to improve the interoperability between their platforms. This could lead to a better experience for users and better opportunities for information owners.

What Goes Into Conducting An Education Audit?

If a school decides to ask for an audit, our team will use their nearly decade-long experience in higher ed to review the setup of their institution. These audits typically take about 4 weeks and is closely monitored by AmplifiedIT’s team.

If a university needs to audit its IT infrastructure, we will meet with the IT team and then build and install our own administrative tools. Auditors will be given super administrator access and use our toolset to scan for signs of vulnerabilities or improper configurations. Our reports complete an assessment of the infrastructure, including recommendations for fixing any problems that may exist.

That document is shared with the school’s IT team. We will go through it and show our findings side by side. Our expert team at AmplifiedIT will create a super administrator console for you to use, at which point you will see a full report of the findings.

How often do you need a Google workspaces for education audit?

Staff turnover can be a serious headache for businesses. You can prevent potential issues or bad press with an audit at the least, during which IT “doctors” from AmplifiedIT will perform a detailed assessment of operations and assess any possible problems before they become larger.

If your team is looking for a Google Workspace for Education audit, contact the AmplifiedIT team today to arrange an initial consultation.

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