Google announced that it’s shutting down its dedicated Street View app next year.

Google is beings to shut down the dedicated Street View app on Android, keeping the feature fully in Google Maps.

Apk Insight is a blog dedicated to apps and the latest developments in that world. In this post, we’ve decompiled the current version of an application released by Google on the Play Store. Of course, be careful not to misinterpret our interpretations of future features because there are many varying possibilities and Google may or may not ever incorporate them. You’ll see these predictions in action, however, which will give you an idea how they may look if they’re ever enabled.
“Annotate with Stickied Keys”

Google Street View gives you 360-degree views of any given street. It’s perfect for getting a sense of your next travel destination or simply exploring the world from the comfort of home, and it can be done on any device with the Google Maps app.

Google recently decided to shut down the standalone app that served two groups – those who wanted to deeply browse Street View, and those who wanted to contribute their own 360° imagery. While there are more popular apps with Street View support, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google is now shutting down the standalone app.

Our team has been able to enable a handful of Google Street View app shutdown notices just in time for the release of version, which should currently allow you to download images from any area that was previously uploaded with the old app.

Google has announced that the Street View app will cease operations on March 31, 2023. The company hopes that users will instead switch to either Google Maps or Street View Studio, since these products have continued to see a lot of development.

Google has announced that the Street View app is going away.

As of now, we no longer have plans to provide support for our app. Support will end on March 21, 2023.

360 video production is a new way of telling your story. Street View Studio and Photo Spheres are Google Maps components that help you tell your story.

In recent years, the Google Street View app has been discontinued. One feature that’s been left behind is Photo Paths. These were meant to let nearly anyone with a smartphone contribute simple 2D photos of a road or path and they were only accessible on the mobile app. The replacement for these features are not present in either the web or App versions of Google Maps.

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