1 way to find archived emails in Gmail

1 way to find archived emails in Gmail

Gmail has many customizable and innovative features for its users. These features have been around since the release of Gmail in 2007 including its groundbreaking ability to archive emails online. Gmail allowed better management of inboxes with more storage space than its competitor when it was released in 2007.

How to find old Gmail emails

At first, Gmail would archive emails that you deleted – they wouldn’t be in your inbox anymore and they were instead put into an “archive folder.” You could still find them by opening the “archive folder,” but then they would no longer be in your inbox and show up at the top of your email list.

Gmail’s archive label is no longer visible on their list of labels. This makes it difficult to find archived emails, so clicking the search bar is necessary to look for content that isn’t in your inbox.

It’s easy to find archived emails, you just need to click on a date.

How to use Google Gmail search to find old emails

Even when you delete emails from the archive, they still show up when you search for them. Any archived email that contains a particular search word automatically shows up next to unarchived emails.

How to find archived emails in Gmail

Gmail’s search bar makes it easier to label your emails by date, recipient, and sender.

Tips for finding archived emails in Gmail

How to find old, archived emails in Gmail

How to find archived emails in Gmail

How to find archived messages with specific labels in Gmail

If you are looking for a specific e-mail rather than a list of every e-mail you have archived, type the desired search criteria into the text bar and select the type of file you want to find.

From: Find emails from a specific sender or recipient.

How to find archived Gmail messages with “To:”

Why it’s important to search the subject line, rather than the entire email

How to find archived emails in Gmail

How to remove Gmail search results that contain a specified word

How to find old emails in Gmail

Four different ways to find archived emails in Gmail

Learn how to find archived emails in Gmail with a simple search.

My email contains an attachment.

Gmail: How to search archived messages

Gmail Search Techniques

Our list barely scratches the surface of search options in Gmail. If you’re having a hard time finding an email, use Gmail to find what you’re looking for.

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